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  • Tin Shui Wai


    The College Secretariat is committed to the provision of quality service through quality assurance and continuous improvement.

    Service areas

    - Course arrangement/student services

    - Facilities management

    - Library management

    - Human resources management

    - Financial planning and management

    Office hours

    Monday to Friday: 8:30am - 5:30pm
    Saturday: 9am - 12noon
    Sunday and public holidays: Closed


    Student Development Office (SDO) is composed of Student Development Officers, Student Counsellors and Physical Education Instructors. Regular activities are organised for students to explore their potentials for a whole person development.

    Service areas

    Counselling Service

    To help students develop a fruitful life, SDO provides counselling service (including personal counselling, small-group counselling, and development workshop, etc.) for them to understand themselves and explore their potentials.

    Whole Person Development Activities

    We encourage students to develop potentials and boost self-confidence through various activities like growth groups, workshops, adventure training, exploration programmes, peer counselling training, and leadership training.

    Career Advisory Service

    Everyone needs a career. To set a career goal, students should recognise their own values, interest and abilities and understand the market development. Besides career activities for students, SDO also puts up latest recruitment ads and updates online vacancy information regularly.

    General Education

    We emphasize moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic qualities of each student. The aim of our General Education Programme is to broaden their horizons so as to better understand society, develop independent thinking and sense of responsibility. All full-time first-year students are required to take at least six sessions of General Education. Upon completion, they will be given the Record of Non-Academic Achievements.

    Financial Assistance

    To ease financial burden, full-time students can apply for VTC Fee Remission Scheme. FD students can also apply for Government's Non-means Tested Loan Scheme but they need to pay annual administration fee and interest. SDO also helps students apply for Student Travel Subsidy Scheme as well as Personalised Octopus Card with Student Status of MTR and Light Rail. Besides, we have set up scholarships and awards to commend the leadership and service of students.

    Physical Education and Extracurricular Activities

    Physical Education Section provides Physical Education (PE) and short-term PE classes including badminton, volleyball, basketball, football, squash, gymnastics and golf. Besides holding athletic competitions, PE Instructors are also responsible for training and selecting students to join various competitions.

    Life Skills Courses

    The task-based studies in Life Skills courses enable students to have a better knowledge and awareness of society. The modules help them develop positive values and attitudes to become responsible citizens to society, our country and the world. Topics include personal development and interpersonal relationship, modern China, Hong Kong Today, PE classes, etc.

    Advisory Service for Student Organisations

    SDO also helps develop students' leadership and organisational skills. We provide venue support and resources in setting up and the management of Students' Union and other student organisations. Other supports include training on leadership and team building, seminars on financial management and event planning.

    Student Web-based Services (SWS)

    Interested students can login to SWS for registration (URL: At the end of each academic year, students will be given the Record of Non-Academic Achievements listing the activities they have taken part that year.

    Office hours

    Monday to Friday: 9:00am - 5:30pm
    Saturday, Sunday and public holidays: Closed