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  • To assist youths to reactivate their learning motivation and learning ability;
  • To assist youths to understand their own intentions and set the direction of training;
  • To assist youths to consolidate their interests and maintain their motivation to move forward; and
  • To provide opportunities for further studies, so that youths have the opportunity to apply for diploma/certificate courses provided by members of the VTC to continue their studies.


Target Group

  • Aged 14 to 24 who are unemployed and out of school
  • Secondary school graduation or below
  • Holder of HKID Card
  • Must have the abilities, academic qualifications and physique required for the course they are applying for; and
  • Able to read and write Chinese, and speak fluent Cantonese.

* The definition of Secondary school graduation is as follows:
Completion of the secondary school curriculum of Hong Kong's old school system (five-two-three school system); or
Completion of the secondary school curriculum of Hong Kong's new academic system (three-three-four school system)


Training Allowance

  • Students must complete the course with an attendance rate of 80% or above, and abide by the school rules in order to receive the training allowance
  • There is no training allowance for interest classes.  Applicants can apply for a training allowance only after they have successfully progressed to Intensive Classes
  • Students who provide any false or misleading information may be disqualified from receiving the training allowance
  • The training allowance may affect the CSSA subsidy amount. If applicants/students, parents/guardians and referrals (social workers /teachers /staff of the Education Bureau's Non-attendance Cases Team) have any enquiries, please contact the Social Security Division of the Social Welfare Department directly           


Other Information

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