Applicants may submit their applications for VTC Part-time Evening programmes via the “VTC Web-based Admissions System”.  Applicants can submit / update their programme choices, fill in their academic qualifications, upload qualifications / supporting documents, check the application status, arrangement of interviews / tests and offer result via the system.  Applicants may refer to this Admissions Homepage for details of relevant application procedures.

Applicants should create a user account before the first login to the “VTC Web-based Admissions System”.  Upon successful creation of the user account, the system will send a confirmation email to applicant’s registered email address.  Applicants may start filling in the application form by logging in to the “VTC Web-based Admissions System” with their registered email address and password.

Please fill in the form “Part-time Evening Higher Diploma / Diploma of Foundation Studies / Diploma of Vocational Education / Certificate of Vocational Education / Certificate Programmes” under the section of Application Form in the system.

Applicants applying for Part-time Evening programmes may update their programme choices, personal particulars and academic qualifications by logging in to the “VTC Web-based Admissions System” before the application deadline.  If applicants need to amend the English name, HKID No. and Date of Birth, they are required to download and submit the completed Change of Particulars Notification Form together with the copy of relevant documents to the Campus Secretariat of the first preference offering campus of the first programme choice IN PERSON or via email / fax.  Applicants may also authorise a representative to act on his / her behalf.

Applicants applying for Degree programmes (Year-3 Entry) offered by THEi should submit their requests to THEi directly (Email: thei-reg@vtc.edu.hk; Fax: 3890 8123 / 2176 1520).

The amount of application fee will be listed on the page ‘Application Record’. Applicants may pay the application fee by one of the following methods (Cheque and Cash are NOT accepted):

  • Credit Card
  • 7-Eleven Stores
  • Faster Payment System (FPS)
  • ATM (Hang Seng Bank / HSBC / JETCO ATM with JET Payment Logo)
  • PPS (by Telephone / Internet)
  • PPS Paydollar

Please refer to the relevant application procedures in the Admissions Homepage or “VTC Web-based Admissions System” for the detailed payment instructions.


Please keep the payment receipt / write down the payment reference number / print out the payment result for record. Application will be processed only after the application fee is settled; the application fee is non-refundable and non-transferrable.

Applicants can log in to the Main Page of the “VTC Web-based Admissions System” to check their application and payment status.  Upon confirmation of the settlement of the application fee, the system will show “Paid” status in “application fee payment” and applicants will receive an acknowledgment email in their registered email account with their “Application Number”.


Please make sure the payment is made correctly with the “7-Eleven QR Code” / “FPS QR code” / “14-digit Payment Number” generated by the system on or before the application deadline (each application has a unique QR code & payment number which is only applicable to that application).  It normally takes 2 working days for the Admissions Office to verify the application fee payment record.  Applicants are advised to pay the application fee as early as possible. Application will only be processed after the application fee is settled.

Please retain the receipt or payment record after settling the application fee.  Normally, it takes 2 working days for the Admissions Office to verify the application fee payment record.  Applicants should confirm that an adequate amount of application fee is paid with the correct “14-digit Payment Number” and verify with the bank / credit card centre that the payment is successfully completed.  If the payment status is still showing “Not Paid”, please contact the campus secretariat of the first preference offering campus of the first programme choice.

Applicants may unsubscribe from receiving promotional materials from VTC and its member institutions by sending the request with their registered name, phone number, mobile number, email address, correspondence address and education level to the VTC Admissions Office or by fax.
(Email: admission@vtc.edu.hk; Fax: 2365 4172)
Applicants applying for Degree programmes (Year-3 Entry) offered by THEi should submit their requests to THEi directly (Email: thei-reg@vtc.edu.hk; Fax: 3890 8123 / 2176 1520).

S3 to S5 level courses are now accepting applications.  Students can register online or fill out the admission application form and submit to the Youth College on or before July 3.  Youth College will arrange for applicants to attend a course interview in July.  It is recommended that students register as soon as possible so as to have a higher chance of  joining the course that they are interested in.

Academic Qualifications and Programme Information

Applicants can apply with results of the same public examination in different years of award. The best grade of multiple attempts on a particular subject will be assessed for admission.

Public examination results of the old and new academic structures will normally not be considered in combination in the assessment for admission.  Some programmes may have other specific entrance requirements.  Please refer to the Application Information for the details and entrance requirements of individual programmes.

Holders with both HKALE and HKCEE results may apply for Part-time Evening Higher Diploma programmes offered by IVE / HKDI.  Please refer to the General Entrance Requirements for details.

If applicants are aged 21 or above on or before 1 September 2024 and do not meet the programme entrance requirements, they may apply for admission as mature applicants.  Applications from mature applicants will be considered on an individual basis according to the information submitted.  They must demonstrate sufficient motivation, knowledge, potential and ability that they can complete the programme successfully.  Applicants will not have priority over other applicants, and only a limited number of places will be offered to suitable mature applicants.


Applicants may apply for the programmes with other local, Mainland China or non-local qualifications.  Applications will be assessed individually by the departments concerned.  Please give relevant details and upload copies of the result slips during application.

Except for programmes or modules of specific content, the medium of instruction for Higher Diploma and Diploma of Foundation Studies programmes is English and may be supplemented with Chinese, as when and where required.  For some modules of Diploma of Vocational Education programmes, the medium of instruction and assessments is Chinese.

If your son does not plan to take the DSE, you can encourage him to explore diversified paths and career paths based on his interests and expertise.  VTC provides Diploma of Vocational Education (DVE) programmes and Diploma of Vocational Baccalaureate (DVB) programmes for graduates of Form 3 or above.  The DVE programmes comprise three major areas: business and service, engineering, design and information technology.  For details, please refer to the vocational diploma webpage.  DVE graduates may choose to further their studies or seek employment.  He can also apply for IVE/HKDI/ICI Higher Diploma programmes (except programmes with specific entrance requirements) to continue his studies.  The DVB offers programmes in Design, Engineering and Sports. For details, please refer to the website of the Diploma of Vocational Baccalaureate.  Upon completion of the DVB programmes, students may progress to a  degree or a higher diploma programme offered by VTC based on their internal and external results (Applicants should pay attention to the specific entrance requirements of individual programmes (if applicable)).  In addition, VTC also offers a variety of certificate courses forgraduates of Form 3 or above to help them develop their career.

Your son may consider enrolling in the "Teen’s Programme" which lasts for about three months.  Holders of the "Teen’s Programme" certificate may apply for the Diploma programmes/ Certificate courses offered by Youth College, subject to their interview results. This short-term program is divided into two stages: "Interest Class" (4 days) and "Intensive Class" (10-12 weeks).  It is suitable for youths aged between 14 and 24, unemployed and waiting for school.  For the latest registration details, please visit the "Teen’s Programme" website or call 3519 1808 for inquiries.